About Us

Manikam Laju Logistics was established in 2019 with firm commitment to provide high-quality service in all segments of domestic and international air services, sea services, ground services, also in logistics & distribution.
Today, we employ number of professionals throughout our nationwide branch offices, dedicated to helping your transportation and logistics needs. We are young, energetic, professional, and passionate: since our humble beginnings, satisfying customer needs has been the driving force behind every Manikam Laju Logistics employee.
Over the years, we’ve built an extensive knowledge of the entire transportation and logistics services. Clients across the country know us as a company with a long-standing reputation for on-time performance with reasonable cost. We have strong working relationships with international airlines and shipping lines, and a reputable network of partners all over the world that makes us second to none in providing you with the best experience possible.
As we explored new business opportunities, Manikam Laju Logistics has also joined networks worldwide group of international logistics providers, to expand a solid base international network to grasp hold of the lucrative transportation business.
We work hard on our achievement and never stop to improve our service to our customers. Our leading-edge information technology and accountability to our clients ensures that Manikam Laju Logistics will continue to be an innovative company in order to provide best solution for your business needs.

Ower Services

Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services
Attractive Working Environment
Be an Active Community Partner
Maintain High Ethical Standards
Drive Continuous Improvement

To become a leading transportation and logistics company in our region.

To provide reliable transportation and logistics services to the business community’s needs. Reliable services means on-time delivery, undamaged goods, correct documentation and proactive reporting to customers in case of deviations.
To perform continuous business improvement in order to meet and exceed customers’expectation.
To create sustainable business growth in order to enhance the prosperity of employee and benefit shareholders.